Fishburn Movements 2017

Due to an increase in the number of visiting aviation enthusiasts the airfield operators will be introducing an airfield pass scheme were the visitor must read and acknowledge a set of airside rules and safety guidelines before a pass is issued. Failure to comply with this request will result in access being refused.

Unfortunately people have been ignoring the ‘no public access’ signs which have been erected on the fence gates near Café 26 as well as the access roads. Please, if as an aviation enthusiast you wish to go airside, obey the signs and request access at the office within Café 26. I’ve never known anyone being refused access to date but there is always a first time! Thank you.

Many thanks to David Thompson for his movement reports from here.

January 2017     Link to visiting aircraft photo's

Date Registration Type Time in Time out Notes
02/01/17  G-CHRM Ikarus CH42 Bravo 1130   F/t DTVA
  G-WIGS Yeoman Dynamic WT9 1200 1300 F/t Bagby
  G-CDUS Skyranger 912S 1250 1330 Bagby
  G-BDGM Piper PA-28 Warrior 1510 1540 F/t DTVA
05/01/17 G-EGEN Piel CP301A Emeraude 0915 0940 F/t Croft
  G-HOLE P&M Quick GT450 1315 1425 St Michaels
  G-CEZA Ikarus C42 1320 1425 St Michaels
14/01/17 G-BHEL Jodel D116 1145 1330 F/t Bagby
  G-ORDM Cessna 182T Skylane 1215 1530 Cambridge
  G-CESW P&M Flight Design CTSW 1300 1330 Bagby
  G-BTAW Piper PA-28 Warrior II 1615 1646 Newcastle
  G-BSFX Denny Kitfox Mk2 1130 1215 Causey Park
23/01/17 G-NALA Cessna 172S Skyhawk 1030 1050 F/t Newcastle
29/01/17 G-BIDH Cessna 152 1410 1500 F/t Beverley
  G-PTTA Cessna 152   ???? To Newcastle then to DTVA 3/2
30/01/17 G-EGEN Piel CP301A Emeraude 1130 1150 F/t Croft

February 2017

Date Registration Type Time in Time out Notes
03/02/17  G-PTTB Cessna 152   ???? To Newcastle
05/02/17 G-EGEN Piel CP301 Emeraude 1245 1305 F/t Croft
  G-JAME Zenair CH601 Zodiac 1335 1415 F/t Bagby
  G-AWUN Cessna F150H   1400 To Beverley - not returning
  G-AYGA Jodel D117 Gran Tourisme 1415 1500 Oxenhope
09/02/17 G-WIZR Robinson R22 0945 1015 Nr Peterborough - Sherburn
14/02/17 G-PLEE Cessna 182Q 1550   From Peterlee for maintenance
17/02/17 G-CCEJ Evektor EV-97 EuroStar 1305 1345 Bagby
  G-CTDH Flight Design CT2 K 1305 1345 Bagby
  G-CDPE Best Off Skyranger 1305 1445 Eshott
  G-BFTH Cessna F172N 1400 1520 Eddsfield
  G-VOAR Piper PA-28 Archer III 1430 1530 Carlisle
  G-CESW Flight Design CT SW 1100 1130 Bagby
19/02/17 G-BRDO Cessna 177B Cardinal     F/T DTV
  G-BSFX Denney Kitfox Mk2      
  G-DYNA Dynamic WT9      
  G-VORN Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar      
  G-CCVS Vans RV-6A     Eshott / Wollaston
  G-HORK Alpi Pioneer 300 Hawk 1145 1215 Ewesley
  G-EWES Alpi Pioneer 300 Hawk 1115 1215 Ewesley
  G-BBDT Cessna 150H 1130 1215 Sherburn
20/02/17 G-BSFX Denney Kitfox 1110 11155 Causey Park

March 2017

Date Registration Type Time in Time out Notes
12/03/17 G-CESW Flight Design CT SW      
  G-CCEJ EuroStar     Bagby
  G-EWES Alpi Pioneer 300 Hawk      
25/03/17 G-AYUT Jodel DR1050 Ambassadeur     Breighton
  G-AYFC Rollason Condor D62B     Breighton
  G-BYFV TEAM Mini Max     Croft
  G-PTTA Cessna F152      
  G-PLEE Cessna 182Q      
  G-JAME Zenair CH601 Zodiac      
  G-CCJM P&M Aviation Pegasus      
  G-SEEE P&M Aviation Quick      
  G-MROC Solar Wings Pegasus      
  G-HOLE P&M Aviation Quick      
  G-CGWZ P&M Aviation Quick