Master Plan to 2020 and Beyond

Last updated: 19 December 2017


During November 2013, Durham Tees Valley Airport unveiled a master plan for the airport site covering the period up to 2050. This was followed up with a number of consultation events across the region with both the public and business community, the airport then took all feedback into consideration before releasing a final draft of the master plan in April 2014. [Oct13] [Nov13] [Apr14] [Jul14] We've uploaded copies of the original and final plans, along with the consultation report at the below links:

Original Draft | Consultation Report | Final Draft | Final Draft (small)

Some of the above PDFs are large files and we had a couple of issues uploading them, they seem to work ok, but if not the consultation report and the small 9mb final draft can be viewed at

Key Points

> Inclusive Tour charter flights axed
Thomson previously axed three winter routes, and were having to reduce the fares on the remaining two summer routes to an unsustainable level to fill the seats. From the airports point of view, when it became clear that nothing more was going to be gained in charter routes, and with little hope of the market improving any time soon, they decided that they could not justify the staffing and service levels associated with larger aircraft types and decided to no longer pursue this area of the business. The airport anticipated this move would half the annual loss, which appears to have been the case as for the year to 31 March 2015, DTVA cut its pre-tax losses from £4.08m to £2.10m, while turnover took only a minor hit, dropping from £4.57m to £4.53m, and passenger number from 154,112 to 141,320. [Oct13]

For a more detailed explanation regarding the axing of charter flights, click here. Updated 12/16

> Housing estate to raise funds for the rest of the master plan
It's all well and good having a masterplan, but it needs paying for. Peel are an asset-rich company but not necessarily a cash-rich one, so why would Peel Holdings give Peel Airports x millions with no guarantee of a return? So they looked at what the Government are backing and encouraging at the moment which is housing, ideal given Peel are by trade property developers. They have allocated land which has no hope for aviation use regardless of how well the airport might do in future, and will seek planning permission for a housing estate - including space for potential education and medical facilities to ease the strain on the local village - before selling the land with the planning permission to a third party. A "Section 106" agreement will be drawn up with the local authority to ensure all funds received from the housing gets reinvested back into the airport for aviation related purposes.

For a more detailed explanation regarding the planned housing, click here. New 12/16

> New hangars and aprons
Plans show three new aprons and at least nine new hangars, for a variety of uses including GA/BA, Cargo and Engineering.

> Two large scale "Employment Parks"
Office space, industrial units, warehousing etc both northside and southside.

> Rail developments
The airport are looking at a new rail station closer to Middleton St. George village, as well as the possibility of freight 'sidings' near to the existing station.

So far

> Regional Growth Fund
Despite taking place prior to the unveiling of the masterplan, it is thought the two unsuccessful Regional Growth Fund bids would have funded the new north-south link road that has recently received planning permission. [Jun12] [Oct12] [Mar13] [Jul13]

> Consultation Events
In the two months following the unveiling of the masterplan, a number of consultation events took place with both the public and the business community. The first at the airports St. George Hotel was followed up with events at the Dolphin Centre Darlington, Stockton Central Library and Middlesbrough Teaching and Learning Centre. [Nov13] [Feb14]

> Inclusive Tour charter flights axed
See above. [Oct13]

> Hangars 4+5 Demolished
Two disused hangars, both located landside and one that never completed construction, have been demolished to make way for the new north-south access road amongst other developments. [Jan14]

> Terminal refurbishment
Approximately 40% of the terminal has been mothballed to reduce business rates, this essentially includes the old Café Oasis area (landside) and a sizeable portion of the departure lounge (airside). Large sections of the remainder of the terminal have been refurbished, once again in association with KLM who had an input on the redesign. The new Swissport Café and Lounge opened airside along with WH Smiths replacing the previous duty free store. The offices above what was previously the Yard of Ale pub have been refurbished and offered for lease, the landside toilets and security screening areas have also been done. We understand the work is now complete, leading us to believe plans for the old Yard of Ale pub as a reception area for the above office complex, and a plan for one of the old (car rental?) desks adjacent to the check-in area have been dropped, with no work done to the entrance hall and main seating area, or the arrivals hall. [Sep14] [Mar15]

> Marketing plan with KLM
The airport and KLM have both put a 50% spend into an on-going marketing campaign named "World on your doorstep", aiming to highlight that you can get anywhere in the world via KLM's thrice daily Amsterdam Schiphol service. The campaign appears to be working, with consecutive increases in passenger numbers on the route each month of around 7-8% during 2015.

> New website / branding
In January 2015, the airport revised the airport logo slightly, and launched a new website with a simpler design, less uneccessary pages and an improved booking engine micro-site. The airport reported an increase in web traffic to around 13,000 hits per day compared with just 700 previously. [Jan15]

> GA Incentive
Also in January 2015, the airport launched new General Aviation incentives, including new excellent value tariffs amongst other improvements. The scheme quickly paid off, as by the end of the year 12 new resident aircraft had moved in as well as four new air operators, some of those have since moved on again, but we remain considerably up on previous years. Future developments with GA include using the Aero Club building which Durham Tees Flight Training and Skydive St. George have just moved into as the centre of GA ops at the airport, with visiting flyers passing through here. This would also likely see the dropping of the mandatory handling rule, which is hated throughout the GA community and would make the airport significantly more attractive to private flyers. [Jan15]

> New appointments
Whilst not strictly related to the masterplan, three new managerial appointments will no doubt find themselves heavily involved in driving the masterplan forward. The newly formed Aviation Development Department consists of new arrivals Declan Maguire as Aviation Development Manager who will also have responsibility for Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport and will focus on new and existing airlines, Tom Henshaw who joins as Aviation Development Executive who will focus on General and Business Aviation solely at Durham Tees Valley. Leading the team overall will be Peel Airports Head of Aviation Development Chris Harcombe. [Mar15] Other new additions include Dayle Hauxwell as the new Cargo Manager [Mar14], James Grant as Partnership and Communications Executive [Jun14], David Grant as Business Development Director. The latter three will cover both airports.

> New road
A new north-south link road opening up access to the airports 250 acre south-side land has been approved, construction is due to start in spring 2016 and last around 12-14 months. [Jul14] [Jul15] [Aug15] [Oct15]

In Progress

> Airport Neighbourhood
The airport has voiced aspirations for an "Airport Neighbourhood", with the terminal building to act as a 'mini town centre' and residents from local villages using the shops, cafes and restaurants that will hopefully eventually set-up here. The car parking tariff was revised to reflect this, with three hours free parking and minimal charges thereafter. [Feb14]

> Housing Development
See above. Update: Planning application submitted June 2016 [Jun16]

> Hangarage
The airport are aware new hangarage is urgently needed and are reported to be looking at ways to raise the money to build one or more instead of waiting for the housing estate income to become available.

> Enterprise Zone
The airport is pursuing new business but other airports are going after the same opportunities, some of whom have Enterprise Zone status, so Peel are working with Tees Valley Unlimited with a view to making part of the airport site an Enterprise Zone.

> Aero Centre Tees Valley
Airport playing cards close to chest with this one, we believe this title will cover several variations of aviation engineering business, starting with Sycamore Aviation. It may cover freight and GA as well. We think Aero Centre Doncaster Sheffield also exists.


> Hangarage
Up to nine additional hangars could be built, subject to demand. Some will be located either side of the existing terminal building, whilst others could see their own apron constructed west of the existing main apron (see below)

> Northside Employement Park
9,600sq metres of office space and industrial units covering 16,820sq metres.

> Southside Employement Park
Further office and industrial space, with a heavy focus on cargo and associated warehousing. Serco are likely to move to new premises here adjacent to the IFTC.

> Railway sidings
Masterplan highlights the potential for railway sidings and allocates space for such a development. Likely to be freight related.

> Railway station
Airport to press Government for new rail station. [Jul14]

> Western apron
Could be built if demand dictates, see Hangars above.

> Southside aprons
Noted in the plans are a "South cargo apron" and a second unidentified apron further west.

Further Reading

> Q&A with Airport Chairman - June 2016
Airport Chairman Robert Hough answers questions in the Gazette here with a similar article in the Northern Echo here.

> Your Questions Answered - November 2017
Peel unveil the refurbished departure lounge, launch a "Flying For The Future" campaign and a new Info website including an excellent and definitive myth-busting document which can be downloaded here.