We have been given on loan, hundreds of images many in black & white and all taken airside at Teesside Airport from the 1970's - 2000's, I'd like to build up some notes for each one, were you there? have you logged the planes at Teesside, why were they here, what has happened to them now? a nice challenge get digging. The images are private property please don't copy them.Thanks to Steve Curtis for donating the majority of the pictures. Additional info supplied by - Peter Caygill, Ian McMaster

a10a_small.jpg a10b_small.jpg a10c_small.jpg alphaat26a_small.jpg andoverxs644a_small.jpg andovera_small.jpg belfastxr363a_small.jpg
boeing727cb01a_small.jpg buccaneerxta_small.jpg buccaneerxx900a_small.jpg buccaneerxx900b_small.jpg bulldogxx624a_small.jpg c13500376a_small.jpg c13500376b_small.jpg
c13500376c_small.jpg c13500376d_small.jpg c13500376e_small.jpg catalinagpbyaa_small.jpg cf116116712a_small.jpg cf188b188918a_small.jpg ch136136224a_small.jpg
chinooka_small.jpg chipmunkwp975a_small.jpg ct133133345a_small.jpg dash8132001a_small.jpg dc3a_small.jpg dominiexs733a_small.jpg dominiexs735a_small.jpg
doven5180a_small.jpg e145ce02a_small.jpg e145ce03a_small.jpg e3zh106a_small.jpg e3zh106b_small.jpg e3zh106c_small.jpg e3zh106d_small.jpg
e3zh106e_small.jpg e3zh106f_small.jpg e3zh106g_small.jpg e3zh106h_small.jpg f16820914a_small.jpg f16820914b_small.jpg f16fa114a_small.jpg
f16fa135a_small.jpg f16j016a_small.jpg f16j016b_small.jpg f16j016c_small.jpg f16j061a_small.jpg f16j063a_small.jpg f16j643a_small.jpg
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