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by DTVMovements updaters Dave Anderson, Dave Rose and Chris Smith, with pilots David Breden and Khalid Khan and guest George Anderson

Time for this years flying trip with resident PA-28 G-STEA and C177 G-BRDO, the trip started on an unfortunate note with usual guests David Appleton being unable to attend due to illness and IAS Medical crew Jack Hornby having to withdraw last minute due to a back injury - get well soon chaps!

Before going to Toulouse last year to visit Airbus, we were originally going to visit the manufacturing behemoth at Hamburg, so this year we followed up on the idea, with a fuel stop in the Netherlands either side at Groningen and Lelystad respectively. Hamburg Finkenwerder don't allow GA and Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel charge more than the A320 series jets Finkenwerder churns out, so Bremen was the nearest option with two hire cars being used for the 90 minute drive to "Finkie", as it's affectionately known by Airbus.

Day One - Friday 28th July

G-BRDO was due to depart an hour later than G-STEA due to work commitments, but it was arranged on the sly for an hour earlier to try and beat "Breden Airways" - we failed!!  Both aircraft were planned to head over Humberside, on to the Norwich area, then a left turn direct to Groningen, but we cut the corner at Humberside. G-BRDO climbed to FL90 for weather avoidance, leading to a couple of headaches from the thinner oxygen.

Groningen is literally the Dutch twin of DTVA, their runways are designated 05/23 and 01/19, ATC issue the same 704x squawk codes, and traffic levels of all kinds are about on a par! We got a taxi to the Van Der Valk Westerbroek hotel where a few well earned pints were sunk, before enjoying the first of several top notch meals over the course of the weekend - the Lamb Chops and Braised Lamb is to be very highly recommended! After some top quality conversation over wine and in fantastic company, we retired to our beds ready for an early start the next day.

Groningen Eelde Airport

D-GLBA Diamond DA 42 Twin Star Private  
EI-FSL ATR-72-600 Stobart Air  
HA-LYI Airbus A320-232 Wizz Air  
N200EU Cirrus SR20 G2 Private  
N217SR Cirrus SR22 G2 GTS Private  
PH-CDH Boeing 737-86J Corendon Dutch Airlines DA only
SE-KZD Fokker F27-100 Friendship Groningen Airport Fire Service Wreck (was at Teesside 25/09/79 as LN-SUE with Busy Bee)
EI-EBO Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair RYR9087 Gothenburg - Alicante

Day Two - Saturday 29th July

We rose early for a continental breakfast before getting taxis back to the airport, where we needed to be airborne no later than 10am ready for our Airbus tour later that day, though the terrible weather jeopardised this. We figured it was unsuitable for VFR flight and ATC would refuse us if we tried to leave, so we had a plan B to get a hire car and make the 2 hour and 53 minute road trip, but with no pax flights due that day (told you it was the twin of DTVA!) we started to realise the hire car companies in the terminal building would be closed. After waiting for an improvement in the weather that never really came, we consulted with Air Traffic who allowed us to leave rather hastily as a bigger cell was approaching, so we made like a hockey stick and got the puck out of there!! Mind you, BRDO was slightly delayed after our initial flight plan was rejected, with tower giving us a number for Schiphol air traffic, so we shut off the engine and Dave R rang them, where it transpired instead of declaring three POB, we'd filed a formation of three Cessna 177 Cardinals!! Neither Breden nor Ando will let us live that one down for some time!

Groningen Eelde Airport

D-ALOA Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy 650 Air Hamburg  
PH-MMT Eurocopter EC135 P2+ ANWB Medical Air Assistance  

The flight over to Bremen was a bit choppy here and there, with the weather supposed to be solely overhead Groningen and then mostly clear to the east. On downwind to Bremens runway 27 we briefly lost sight of the runway, before the tower turned on the most impressive state-of-the-art futuristic LED lights for us, Ray Charles could land on that runway! Bremen is a much busier airport, probably on a par with Newcastle overall, but with la lot more biz, but then this is the Germans we're talking about who seem to dominate corporate traffic at every UK airport. Some of the biz went begging due to the parking arrangements and layout of surrounding buildings. We were dead on schedule so we had a quick coffee in the terminal Café, collected the hire cars and headed straight for Hamburg.

Bremen Airport

D-AILM Airbus A319-114 Lufthansa  
D-ASAX VFW-Fokker VFW-614 Unknown marked D-BABK Preserved
D-ASTK Airbus A319-112 Germania  
D-ASTL Airbus A319-112 Germania  
D-EDAJ Cessna 172M Skyhawk Lufthansa Flight Training  
D-EFEE Cessna 172M Skyhawk Lufthansa Flight Training  
D-HDRH MBB/Kawasaki BK117 B-2 DRF Luftrettung  
D-MGAN Remos G3 600 Private  
EI-DWM Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair  
EI-FRZ Boeing 737-800 Ryanair  
F-HBXA Embraer ERJ-170-100STD HOP!  
M-ESGR Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600 Hermes Executive Aviation  
OE-IQD Airbus A320-214 Eurowings Europe  
OO-PHI Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1 Capital Aircraft Group  
SP-KWE British Aerospace Jetstream 32 Bremen Fire Service ex Jet Air

We started at the spotters mound near the old (but still used) delivery centre first, so we read off everything visible before going for a bite to eat. In what was probably the one disappointing meal of the weekend, we had to settle for whatever we could find in the local Aldi! The 2.5 hour tour was much better than the one we enjoyed in Toulouse the previous year, which was essentially just looking at the A380 final assembly line from a balcony. No photography or mobile phones were allowed, and we began with a video presentation, before walking around several of the production halls whilst our host Victor talked us through the various manufacturing processes. On a humourous note, it was more enjoyable than it perhaps should have been to watch Dave R engage in some verbal sparring with a Gestapo-esqe female Airbus employee ensuring the tours rules were obeyed. Aeroprints do a weekday tour that includes all aircraft production halls and is much higher yielding for spotters. After the tour, we went back to the mound for some photographs to cross reference with our log after the trip, before heading for our hotel back in Bremen. Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel movements could be heard overhead but unfortunately only C-LOUD was visible.

The only other note on day two is that David Breden recommended a steak house in Bremen that was pure perfection, we all enjoyed some fantastic steaks served sizzling on a hot stone. We then headed back to the bar next door to the hotel for some proper German beer...or Vodka Lemonade if you're Chris...before a nightcap in the hotel bar.

General XFW Shots - HERE    HERE    HERE   HERE

Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport

Delivery Centre (old)
D-AUBF/7577 Airbus A320-271N Lufthansa To become D-AINF
D-AUBM/7602 Airbus A320-251N SAS Scandinavian Airlines To become SE-ROA
D-AZAB/7697 Airbus A321-251N SriLankan Airlines To become 4R-AND
D-AVVK/7805 Airbus A320-214 China Express Airlines To become B-8697
D-AUBB/7554 Airbus A320-271N All Nippon Airways To become JA213A
D-AUBG/7588 Airbus A320-271N Lufthansa To become D-AING
D-AUBL/7598 Airbus A320-271N HK Express To become B-LCP
D-AVVC/7788 Airbus A320-271N Tianjin Airlines To become B-
D-AVVF/7794 Airbus A320-251N AirAsia To become 9M-AGH
D-AVVH/7796 Airbus A320-232 Jetstar Pacific Airlines To become VN-A572
D-AVVI/7799 Airbus A320-251N Avianca Brasil To become PR-
D-AVVJ/7802 Airbus A320-251N easyJet To become G-UZHC
D-AVVM/7812 Airbus A320-271N S7 Airlines To become VQ-BCR
D-AVVN/7816 Airbus A320-214 Vanilla Air To become JA23VA
D-AVVS/7495 Airbus A320-271N Chengdu Airlines To become B-8953
D-AVXG/7826 Airbus A321-231 Wizz Air To become HA-LXV
D-AVXM/7548 Airbus A321-271N China Southern Airlines To become B-8369
D-AVXW/7847 Airbus A321-271N Avianca To become N761AV
D-AVYC/7634 Airbus A320-271N Air Astana To become P4-KDD
D-AVZD/7810 Airbus A321-211 Sichuan Airlines To become B-8686
D-AVZG/7820 Airbus A321-231 Juneyao Airlines To become B-1001
D-AVZZ/7544 Airbus A321-271N China Southern Airlines To become B-8368
D-AXAA/7671 Airbus A320-271N S7 Airlines To become VQ-BCH
D-AXAV/7744 Airbus A320-271N Sichuan Airlines To become B-8683
D-AYAK/7567 Airbus A321-271N Air Astana To become P4-KDC
D-AYAW/7610 Airbus A321-271N China Southern Airlines To become B-8380
D-AYAK/7567 Airbus A321-271N Air Astana To become P4-KDC
D-AZAH/7763 Airbus A321-231 Wizz Air To become HA-LXU
D-AZAL/7770 Airbus A321-253N Avianca To become N759AV
D-AZAM/7793 Airbus A321-211 China Eastern Airlines To become B-8568
D-AZAN/7801 Airbus A321-211 Aeroflot Russian Airlines To become VP-BKQ
D-AZAP/7774 Airbus A321-232 Air China To become B-8585
D-AZAR/7782 Airbus A321-211 Aeroflot Russian Airlines To become VP-BKR
F-GSTF/5 Airbus A300B4-608ST Beluga Airbus Transport International  
F-WWAO/235 Airbus A380-861 Qatar Airways To become A7-API
F-WWSE/240 Airbus A380-842 Emirates To become A6-EUW
Outdoor (fuselages)
178 Airbus A350-941 Air China (Fuselage section only)
185 (Airbus A350-941) (Thai Airways International) (Fuselage section only)
196 Airbus A350 Unknown (Fuselage section only)
(F-WWCV)/1829 (Airbus A330-343E) (Shenzhen Airlines) (Fuselage section only)
(F-WWYD)/1840 (Airbus A330-243) (Tianjin Airlines) (Fuselage section only)
1843 Airbus A330-343E Lucky Air (Fuselage section only)
1847 Airbus A330-343E Capital Airlines (Fuselage section only)
7888 Airbus A320neo   (Fuselage section only)
7895 Airbus A320neo   (Fuselage section only)
7897 Airbus A320neo   (Fuselage section only)
7904 Airbus A320WL   (Fuselage section only)
7912 Airbus A320neo   (Fuselage section only)
7917 Airbus A320neo   (Fuselage section only)
7921 Airbus A320neo   (Fuselage section only)
7926 Airbus A320neo   (Fuselage section only)
Hall 7
  Airbus A319-1xxX(CJ)    
Hall 8? (final assembly)
7874 Airbus A321neo JetBlue Airways To become N984JB
7878 Airbus A321neo Aeroflot Russian Airlines To become VP-BTH
7881 Airbus A320neo    
7882 Airbus A320neo    
D-AVVX/7868 Airbus A320 Allegiant Air To become N252NV
7888/7890 Airbus A320neo Frontier Airlines Foxes Head
7888/7890 Airbus A32neo Interjet  
7888/7890 Airbus A32neo JetBlue Airways  
Hall 9 (wing attachment)
D-AVZH/7872 Airbus A320neo HK Express  
7876 Airbus A320neo    
7879 Airbus A320neo    
7887 Airbus A320neo    
+1 Airbus A320neo    
Hall ? (parts) - A380s for info only, we didn't log them due to the early stage of production
250 Airbus A380-8xx   (Fuselage section only)
252 Airbus A380-8xx   (Fuselage section only)
256 Airbus A380-8xx   (Fuselage section only)
257 Airbus A380-8xx   (Fuselage section only)
258 Airbus A380-8xx   (Fuselage section only)
7894 Airbus A320neo    
7901 Airbus A320neo    
7910 Airbus A320neo    
7913 Airbus A320neo    
7918 Airbus A320neo    
7922 Airbus A320neo    
7925 Airbus A320neo    
Hall 242 (interior assembly)
D-AVZG/7820 Airbus A321-231 Juneyao Airlines To become B-1001
D-AXAB/7823  Airbus A320-214SL China Eastern Airlines To become B-8857
F-WWAQ/243 Airbus A380-841 Singapore Airlines To become 9V-SKU
F-WWSJ/247 Airbus A380-841 Singapore Airlines To become 9V-SKV
F-WWAT/244 Airbus A380-842 Emirates To become A6-EUZ
F-WWAY/238 Airbus A380-842 Emirates To become A6-EUU
  Airbus A32x Aeroflot Russian Airlines  
50+62 Aerospatiale/VFW C.160D Transall Luftwaffe  
D-CARA MBB HFB-320 Hansa Jet Airbus Group  
F-WFJY Nord 2501 Noratlas French Air Force Marked D-NORA/157
F-GDSG/3 Aero Spacelines B.337SGT-201 Super Guppy Airbus Group  
D-ECWQ Reims/Cessna F172M Skyhawk Flugschule Hamburg  

Day Three - Sunday 30th July

After a good nights sleep in the superb and highly recommended Swissotel, we began a more relaxed day as we had no itinerary to stick to so after another enjoyable continental breakfast we made our way back to the airport where we returned the hire cars and departed for Lelystad, although STEA left an hour ahead of BRDO as the Cardinal needed fuel and it was rush hour and the refuellers had several airliners to tend to first. Interestly, whilst we were airside with the aircraft, an airport bus pulled up on the taxiway and a load of enthusiasts jumped out with their cameras!! Another interesting moment occured whilst doing our power checks at the end of 27, when we applied full power with brakes on and Dave Rs door blew open!

Bremen Airport

C-GHGF Douglas C-47B-5-DK Kenn Borek Air  
D-IOSA Piper PA-42-720 Cheyenne IIIA Lufthansa Flight Training Preserved
D-ABNK Airbus A320-214 Eurowings  
D-AILN Airbus A319-114 Lufthansa  
D-ASPG Airbus A320-214 Small Planet Airlines Germany  
D-ASTW Airbus A321-211 Germania  
D-CECH Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+ Atlas Air Service  
D-CGMR Cessna 560XL Citation XLS Corporate  
D-EBVX Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II Private  
D-EGRP Piper PA-28-161 Cadet Private  
EI-EML Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair  
EI-FRY Boeing 737-800 Ryanair  
F-HBXM Embraer ERJ-170-100LR HOP!  
N122HK Cessna 550 Citation II Corporate  
N545EE Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 Embraer Executive Aircraft  
N721EE Embraer EMB-550 Legacy 500 Embraer Executive Aircraft  
PH-EXI Embraer ERJ-175-200STD KLM Cityhopper  
TC-JPI Airbus A320-232 Turkish Airlines  

Group photo in front of STEA prior to departing Bremen.

STEA departing Bremen whilst BRDO waits for fuel.

On approach to Lelystad, very poor weather saw BRDO deviate 16 miles off our planned route to avoid CBs, taking us almost to Teuge Airport.

Lelystad is a dream! I find the Cafés at GA fields and flying clubs are some of the best in the world and the one at Lelystad is no different, so after a hefty lunch, we went to the on-site "Aviodrome" museum, which has several outdoor exhibits and two hangar 'Halls', which were crammed full including some exhibits suspended from the ceiling as is the norm at large museums, making photography difficult. They even have an ex KLM jumbo which was sent up the canal on a barge from Schiphol! Finally, we had a walk down to the western hangars to see what we could see, now bearing in mind at this point the size of the below log, most hangars were closed though about half had windows, and we didn't bother with any hangars east of the terminal nor some of the western cul-de-sacs which were skipped, so just imagine what you could achieve on a day with better weather and more time! You could make hundreds upon hundreds of airframes here. They are a friendly airport and if you turn up at the terminal with a passport and hi-viz I suspect they'll allow you airside, but I would attempt it sooner rather than later as the info in the below paragraph might change things.

The runway at Lelystad is being expanded and a new north side apron is planned, we figured they were trying to tap into the corporate jet market and give Schiphol a run for their money, but upon looking it's much bolder than that, with the runway being lengthed to handle A350s and 787s, though not at MTOW and a new terminal capable of handling an initial 1.5 million and eventual 7 million passengers per year. The justification for the expansion is that Schiphol - just 30 minutes away - is at it's maximum allowed capacity, consequently Travsavia and Ryanair are expected to move to Lelystad once the work is complete.

Lelystad Airport

2-DITO Piper PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian Citavia B.V.  
D-EFZW Diamond DV 20 Katana Private  
D-EGCD Cessna 172N Skyhawk Private  
D-EIFE Focke-Wulf-Piaggio FWP.149D Private CS
D-ELHS Fuji FA-200-180 Aero Subaru Private  
D-ERJS Socata TB-9C Tampico Private  
D-EXML Extra EA 300/S Private  
G-BJSV Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II Flevo Aviation B.V.  
G-OBFS Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior III KN Singles and Twins Aviation Consultants B.V.  
G-PBCL Cessna 182P Skylane Kammon B.V. CS
G-RVRX Partenavia P68B Victor Ravenair  
G-TGUN Aero AT3 R100 KN Singles and Twins Aviation Consultants B.V.  
G-WARH Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior III KN Singles and Twins Aviation Consultants B.V.  
HA-SVS Reims/Cessna F172M Skyhawk Private  
HB-ESS Fuji FA-200-180 Aero Subaru Private Fuselage only
N2536G Cessna 182B Skylane Private  
N8241M Cessna 210K Centurion CAL Air Charter Inc CS
OO-POU Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub Private CS
OY-KXT Diamond HK 36T Super Dimona Private  
PH-1263 Diamond HK 36TTC Super Dimona Stichting Diamond Flyers  
PH-ACT Cessna 172M Skyhawk Act Integrale Personeelsdiensten  
PH-ACW Velocity 173 Elite FG Private CS
PH-ALW Reims/Cessna F172M Skyhawk SAS Beheer B.V. Fuselage only?
PH-ANP Diamond DA 20A1 Katana Private  
PH-ANU Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior Private Fuselage only
PH-ARV ARV-1 Super 2 Private CS
PH-BCF SkyStar Kitfox Classic IV Private  
PH-BCI British Aerospace Jetstream 32EP AIS Airlines  
PH-BVL Reims/Cessna F172N Skyhawk KN Singles and Twins Aviation Consultants B.V.  
PH-CRI/2 Colomban MC.15 Cri-Cri Private  
PH-DBO Neico Lancair 360 Private  
PH-DRT Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II Dutch-Roll B.V.  
PH-DTS Diamond DA 42 Twin Star Wings Over Holland B.V.  
PH-DTY Yakovlev Yak-52 Private  
PH-DUK Cessna A185 Skywagon Wings Over Holland B.V.  
PH-EAM Reims/Cessna F172N Skyhawk Vliegclub Schiphol  
PH-ECD Eurocopter EC120B Colibri Heli Holland  
PH-ECE Eurocopter EC120B Colibri Heli Holland  
PH-EHB Reims/Cessna F172H Skyhawk Air Service Holland  
PH-EHW Robin DR400/180 Regent Private CS
PH-EVB Aero AT3 R100 Private  
PH-FCI British Aerospace Jetstream 32EP AIS Airlines  
PH-FLD Diamond DA 40D Diamond Star Stichting DA 40 Flyers CS
PH-FLE Reims/Cessna F172N Skyhawk Private  
PH-FLK Diamond DA 20A1 Katana Stichting Katana Flyers  
PH-FLP Diamond DA 20A1 Katana Stichting Katana Flyers  
PH-GED Aero AT3 R100 Private  
PH-GRA Reims/Cessna F150L Private  
PH-GRG American General AG-5B Tiger Private  
PH-HHB Schweizer 269D Heli Holland  
PH-HHJ Aérospatiale AS355F2 Twin Squirrel Heli Holland  
PH-HIS Socata TB9 Tampico AIS Airlines  
PH-IRO Reims/Cessna F172M Skyhawk SAS Beheer B.V.  
PH-ISI Junqua RJ03 Ibis Private CS
PH-JLM Ultravia Pelican PL Private  
PH-KNF Piper PA-18-135 Super Cub Private  
PH-KWI Yakovlev Yak-52 Private  
PH-LFC Fuji FA-200-160 Aero Subaru Private  
PH-LUS Luscombe 8A Silvaire Stichting Vroege Vogels  
PH-MAN CZAW SportCruiser Private CS
PH-MBK Fuji FA-200-160 Aero Subaru Private  
PH-MDY Mudry CAP 21 Stichting Aerobatics Aviation CS
PH-MLK Socata TB20 Trinidad Martinair Vestiging Vliegveld Lelystad B.V.  
PH-MLO Socata TB10 Tobago Martinair Vestiging Vliegveld Lelystad B.V.  
PH-MLQ Socata TB20 Trinidad Martinair Vestiging Vliegveld Lelystad B.V.  
PH-MLR Socata TB20 Trinidad Martinair Vestiging Vliegveld Lelystad B.V.  
PH-MLS Socata TB20 Trinidad Martinair Vestiging Vliegveld Lelystad B.V.  
PH-NEW CZAW SportCruiser Private  
PH-PGP Aerotek Pitts S-2A Special Wings Over Holland B.V.  
PH-PJL Cessna 172P Skyhawk Sky Service Netherlands B.V.  
PH-RAB Diamond DA 40D Diamond Star Stichting Rotterdam Aviation  
PH-RCI British Aerospace Jetstream 32EP AIS Airlines  
PH-RIC Mudry CAP 10B Private  
PH-RLA Saab SB.91D Safir Stichting Levende Oude Luchtvaart CS
PH-RLY Cessna 402B Businessliner Heli Holland  
PH-RPI Cessna 182R Skylane Private  
PH-SCT Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II Private  
PH-STW Cessna 172R Skyhawk Stella Aviation Charter B.V.  
PH-STZ Cessna 172R Skyhawk Stella Aviation Charter B.V.  
PH-SVU Robin DR400/140B Major General Aviation Rotterdam B.V.  
PH-TDI Diamond DA 40D Diamond Star Stichting DA40 Flyers CS
PH-TGM Reims/Cessna F172N Skyhawk SAS Beheer B.V.  
PH-TWN Tecnam P2006T Private  
PH-USH HOAC DV 20 Katana Wings Over Holland B.V.  
PH-USJ HOAC DV 20 Katana Wings Over Europe B.V.  
PH-USL Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star J Valk Beheer B.V.  
PH-VCF Socata TB10 Tobago AIS Airlines  
PH-VFC Piper PA-28-161 Cadet Vliegclub Flevo  
PH-VIN Brandli BX-2 Cherry Private CS
PH-VNX Zlin 242L Private CS
PH-VSF Reims/Cessna F172L Skyhawk KN Singles and Twins Aviation Consultants B.V.  
PH-WAI Reims/Cessna F172M Skyhawk Aero-Materials Association Holland B.V.  
PH-ZVA Aero AT3 R100 Private  
  Fokker 100?   Forward Fuselage
  Fokker 100?   Forward Fuselage
Aviodrome Museum
19 Yellow Antonov An-2R Lithuanian Air Force Marked 562 Red
159/V Grumman US-2N Tracker Royal Netherlands Air Force  
11254 Fokker 100 Aviodrome Museum Cockpit only
210 Lockheed SP-2H Neptune KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  
37901 Saab AJSH.37 Viggen Swedish Air Force Marked 51/21
3-WK Supermarine Spitfire IX Aviodrome Museum Replica
3W-32/32 Gloster Meteor F8 Aviodrome Museum  
473 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SPS-K East German Air Force  
E-410 Hawker Hunter F51 Royal Danish Air Force Marked WV395/69 Royal Air Force
EC-DYU Aérospatiale SA365C1 Dauphin II Aviodrome Museum  
G-BKRG Beech C-45H Expeditor US Army Air Force Marked 51-11665/V
PH-BUK Boeing 747-206B(M)(SUD) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  
PH-DDY Douglas C-54A-5-DO Skymaster Dutch Dakota Association Marked NL-316/16
PH-FHF Fokker F27-100 Friendship Stichting Fokker Heritage Flight Airworthy
PH-OFA Fokker 100 Fokker Heritage Trust KLM Cityhopper c/s
PH-OSI Fokker 50 Fokker Heritage Trust  
XN600 Hunting Percival P.84 Jet Provost T3 Royal Air Force Cockpit only
Hangar 1
076/V Sikorsky HO4S-3 Royal Netherlands Air Force  
A-38 de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth Aviodrome Museum  
D-8061 Fokker F-104G StarFighter Aviodrome Museum  
E-9 Fokker S-11 Instructor Aviodrome Museum  
G-BVOL Douglas C-47A-40-DL Skytrain Aviodrome Museum Marked PH-TCB
N749NL/FLE Lockheed L-749A Constellation Aviodrome Museum  
PH-308 NV Vliegtuigbouw Sagitta Aviodrome Museum  
PH-375 Schleicher Ka-4 Rhonlerche II Aviodrome Museum  
PH-393 Schleicher K-8 Aviodrome Museum  
PH-ADV? Fokker 100 Aviodrome Museum Cockpit only, reg incorrect
PH-KHD Bolkow Bo105CBS-4 Aviodrome Museum  
PH-MKC Fokker 70 Aviodrome Museum Cockpit only
PH-NFH Auster J/1 Autocrat Aviodrome Museum  
PH-NVF Fokker F27-100 Friendship Fokker Friendship Association  
PH-TRO Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle III Aviodrome Museum Cockpit only
PH-UEY/227 Agusta-Bell 204B Aviodrome Museum  
PH-XIV Fokker S-14 Machtrainer Aviodrome Museum  
W57 Van Berkel W-A Aviodrome Museum Replica
WG752 Westland WS.51 Dragonfly HR3 Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) Marked 8-1
XJ350 De Havilland DH.104 Sea Devon C20 Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) Cockpit only - marked PH-MAD
  Texan   All yellow "Cathy"
Hangar T2
151 Grumman US-2N Tracker KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  
F-GLHF Fouga CM.170 Magister Aviodrome Museum  
NC39165 Douglas DC-2-142/R2D-1 Dutch Dakota Association Airworthy, marked PH-AJU/44
N4474 Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman Aviodrome Museum Marked 44-70509
PH-AFS Fokker S-11 Instructor Stichting Fokker Four Marked E-14
PH-DDZ Douglas C-47A-80-DL Skytrain Aviodrome Museum  
PH-HOK Fokker S-11 Instructor Stichting Fokker Four Marked E-29
PH-HOL Fokker S-11 Instructor Vereniging Voor Historische Vliegtuigen Marked E-27
PH-HOG Fokker S-11 Instructor Aviodrome Museum Marked E-39
PH-NDC Fokker S-12 Aviodrome Museum  
PH-NIV Fokker F27-100 Friendship Aviodrome Museum Fuselage
PH-RLN Saab SB.91D Safir Aviodrome Museum  
D-ACKI Bombardier CL-600-2D24 CRJ-900LR Lufthansa CityLine Inbound AMS
DDR-STD Ilyushin IL-18V Preserved Clearly visible whilst on approach to Lelystad - CS/DR
HA-LXJ Airbus A321-231 Wizz Air WZZ1602 London Luton - Gdańsk
PH-BHA Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  
PH-HSC Boeing 737-8K2 Transavia Airlines CS
OM-ACB Boeing 747-433(BDSF) Air Cargo Global Inbound AMS
YR-BMI Boeing 737-8K5 Blue Air  

Dave Breden and Ando getting over-exciteable at BRDOs arrival!!

We left Lelystad late afternoon and headed home, again cutting a large corner with STEA coasting in at Flamborough and BRDO at Easington, with the Arrow half an hour ahead of us. We then headed towards RAF Linton-on-Ouse for weather avoidance before turning back towards DTVA. Only thing of note on arrival at DTVA was Sycamore's latest victim ATR-72 EI-SLH, noted tucked right at the back of H1 through a small gap in the doors as we taxiied past.

All-in-all, despite some disappointing weather at times, another fantastic flying trip mixing equal part aviation with equal part culture all in the company of some fantastic individuals, I'm honoured and priviledged to be invited back each year and a huge thanks must go out to everyone but especially Dave A for organising, Khalid and the other Daves for flying, Victor our Airbus Tour Guide, and all of the staff at the hotels and restaurants who couldn't help enough and could teach their British counterparts a thing or two.

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